What is UMP [Underinsured Motorist Protection]?

By Cross Border Law

Underinsured motorist protection (UMP) is an insurance coverage that drivers can purchase to protect themselves in the event that injuries were caused by a motorist who is insufficiently insured. The basic UMP coverage is $1,000,000, but individuals can purchase additional coverage if they so choose.

Facing a catastrophic injury can be emotionally and financially devastating. Serious injuries might require multiple surgeries, hospital stays or lengthy physical therapy. If the accident occurred in the United States, an injured individual might quickly accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt. One of the benefits of UMP is that the coverage extends to accidents outside of British Columbia. Every ICBC-insured driver, passenger and member of household has access to $1,000,000 in UMP coverage. An additional $1,000,000 in coverage is available for a low annual premium. Since drivers in Washington State are only required to maintain $25,000 in third party insurance coverage (and many drivers have no insurance at all), it is imperative that Canadians traveling in the U.S. understand how UMP comes into play. The potential benefits can be life-changing.

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