Pedestrian Injuries Can Be Just as Serious as ‘Behind the Wheel’ Accidents

By Cross Border Law

Pedestrian accidents can be the most devastating. As someone is jogging, crossing an intersection or walking along a sidewalk past a parking lot entrance, being struck by a car can be catastrophic. If you were hit by an automobile in Canada or the United States, it is imperative that you seek a lawyer who can help.

Pedestrian accidents can occur in numerous situations, including:

  • Drivers not clearing an intersection before crossing a sidewalk
  • Drivers turning right at a red light without looking for pedestrians
  • Drivers exiting a parking lot or parking garage without looking for pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • Drivers not recognizing people crossing an intersection or jogging along a roadway

Pedestrian accident injuries can be exacerbated due to the possibility of multiple impacts. Often, the victim is struck by the vehicle, falls to the ground, and can be run over by the original vehicle or other vehicles on the road. At Cross Border Law, our international lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine liability. Additionally, we will work with your chosen medical professional to gain a clear understanding of your injuries and the future challenges you might face as you fight to return to preaccident health.

With offices in both Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington, our firm can provide legal guidance in both countries. We are prepared to negotiate a beneficial settlement with either Canadian insurers or insurance carriers in the United States. No matter your residency or the location of your accident, Cross Border Law can handle your case.

When you need a lawyer for your pedestrian accident injury,email or call our offices to discuss your matter in greater detail.