Can an Attorney Handle Cases in Both the US and Canada?

Yes. But It takes a firm with Knowledge of the Law on both sides of the Border.

Lawyers For International Insurance Issues

Given the proximity of British Columbia and Washington State, and the ease of travel between them, many people who cross the border each day end up suffering injuries in a “foreign” country. Whether you are commuting to work, taking a short trip or even visiting a friend, the potential for a motor vehicle accident exists.

Unfortunately, the legal process for international accidents contains an additional layer of complexity. Throughout the history of our practice, the lawyers at Cross Border Law have endeavoured to become skilled at representing clients in both Canada and the United States. We understand the subtle legal nuances as well as the major administrative differences between the two countries.

Lawyers in Washington State, for example, might not understand how ICBC underinsured claims work. Additionally, there are significant strategic reasons for negotiating a settlement in one country before the other.

When you need a lawyer experienced in both Canada and the United States, call or email Cross Border Law.

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