People of Vancouver Speak. Say No! to Major Injury ICBC Caps!

Protesters Say NO to David Eby and his MAJOR injury ICBC caps!

On May 23, 2018 protesters rallied in front of Attorney General David Eby’s office on West Broadway in Vancouver. The protesters rallied against Eby’s cold hearted plan to place arbitrarily harsh caps on compensation for MAJOR injuries such as PTSD, major depression and chronic pain. Protesters carried signs such as “PTSD is NOT a minor injury” , “stop caps” as well as signs saying “Recall Eby” and “Down with the NDP”.

Eby and the NDP voted in favour of placing caps and forcing ICBC treatment protocols on MAJOR injuries such as depression in the BC Legislature during Mental Health Week. We call on the NDP to stop using harsh, high handed government legislation to harass injured ICBC customers who suffer from serious mental illness caused by careless drivers. It’s time that the government stops giving even more power to the ICBC monopoly to make life difficult for those with MAJOR medical injuries.

We Support BC Psychological Association Against NDP ICBC Bill 20

The BC Psychological Association is opposed to the NDP ICBC Bill 20 that the NDP is now trying to rush through the Legislative Assembly so the public does not have the time to properly consider the contents.

We agree with the BC Psychologists that Bill 20 unfairly picks on the mentally ill and stigmatizes those with “psychiatric or psychological conditions” such as PTSD, depression, anxiety.

The “minor injury” definition in NDP Bill 20 including “psychiatric or psychological conditions” is far harsher than the Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick caps legislation. In those jurisdictions, capped “minor injuries” are things like scrapes and mild neck pain. However, in NDP BC, many serious injuries will be considered “minor injuries”

AGAINST ICBC CAPS? – Voice Your Opinion on SATURDAY MAY 5, 1 p.m., SURREY!

Car Accident Survivors and Supporters for Fair Auto Insurance in BC

Apr 30, 2018 — There is a protest against the ICBC/NDP caps being organized by our friends, the Road BC Coalition, happening this Saturday May 5, 1 p.m in Surrey, BC in front of NDP MLA Jinny Sims’ office. The protest will also be situated at the neighbouring “Bell Centre for the Performing Arts”. Please go!

Please stay on pedestrian areas, do not block traffic and do not interfere with businesses in the shopping plaza. We are not part of the ROAD BC coalition but strongly support their goals. The protest address is 14360 64th Ave, Surrey, BC.

We encourage everyone reading this to come by with signs opposing the NDP government caps plan especially the part which defines “mental illness” as a “minor injury”. Most mental illnesses are NOT minor injuries contrary to wording in the government’s planned law.

Please tell the NDP government that the labeling of mental illnesses in this way is UNACCEPTABLE in 2018 British Columbia!

Thank you and see you all there on MAY 5, 1 p.m.!